Recent Weddings

Ellen and Jay at McMenamin's Kennedy School

Ellen and Jay's wedding at the Kennedy School in Portland had fun written all over it. I have to give credit to the guys for a HUGE jump shot with one person in a walking cast. The light from the giant windows at the school was so beautiful I had a hard time letting off of the shutter. I photographed Ellen's sister's wedding last year at the McMenamin's Grand Lodge and was equally impressed by the beautiful window light. Beautiful weather, great location, fun couple...I love my job. Thank you Ellen and Jay.McMenamin's Kennedy School 08McMenamin's Kennedy SchoolMcMenamin's Kennedy School 02McMenamin's Kennedy School 03McMenamin's Kennedy School 04McMenamin's Kennedy School 05McMenamin's Kennedy SchoolMcMenamin's Kennedy School 06McMenamin's Kennedy School 07